How to register a patient - Healthbiz Clinic Management Software

Patient can be registered in the following two ways: 

  • Add by clinic or doctor
  • Registration/Sign up by patient


If you are using the premium version of our clinic software please login on your dedicated business url. If you are using the free clinic software version please login to your account on . To register your business with Healthbiz free clinic management software please read this article.


Below mentioned are the steps to register a patient by clinic or doctors.

  • Step 1:

Choose Patient from the menu on left and click on Register. 


  • Step 2: 

Fill in the patient details and click on submit . A success pop up will confirm the registration . Patient login credentials entered while patient registration can be shared with patient for him/her  to add/view their appointment status , patients , reports and others.



  • Step 3 :

To view added or other patients please click on List in patient menu . 


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