How to add prescription to an appointment - Healthbiz clinic management system

Prescription can only be added by the assigned doctor . Other users such as patient patient , doctor , admin , assigned users and pharmacist can view , print or save to pdf and share the prescription as required but cannot edit or add one.


If you are using the premium version of our clinic software please login on your dedicated business url. If you are using the free clinic software version please login to your account on . To register your business with Healthbiz free clinic management software please read this article.



Add Prescription to an Appointment in Healthbiz Clinic Management software.


  • Step 1 : 

Click on Appointment from menu on left and select List. 


  • Step 2 : 

Search for the appointment by patient name or any of the columns in list 


  • Step 3 : 

Click on prescription and fill in the required form details and click submit.A success notification will be received.

To notify Vendor (Pharmacist) please select the toggle button Notify Vendor  and the vendor will receive the prescription.



  • Step 4 : 

After adding submit add medicine option will open up add all medicines with MG,total & daily dosage and click submit .